Odisea S.A.

ODISEA is a storage and distribution center outside Montevideo Port. The company is comprised of a team of skilled workers specialized in providing logistic and distribution services.

Stock management ODISEA offers you all the information needed to unify your stock

 We offer personalized solutions to your needs:

- Reception and unloading
- Inspection of goods
- Storage
- Process customer orders
- Loading and delivery
- Stock administration
- Distribution in all the country
- Consolidation and deconsolidation of merchandise in containers


Our warehouse encloses an area of 2000 m2 and an adequate infrastructure for each different type of merchandise, according to its typology or to its rotation flow.


We offer the freedom of carrying out certain operations without having to move the merchandise away from the depot, thus avoiding unnecessary transportation and handling of goods.

- Labeling
- Disassembly
- Palletizing 
- Packing
- Classification
- Coordination of inspections


Our software management system controls the logistics in the depot. Every movement from entry, to location in the arena, to exit are tracked by the system.

Dirección Cerrito 425 - CP 11000
Montevideo, Uruguay
Teléfono Tel.:  (+598)  2916 9043 to 47
Fax.: (+598)  2916 1116